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Christmas is the best season to spend time with family and loved ones away from the daily challenges.

This means the lovers will not have any excuse to cuddle and make love even 1000 times …but what happens when your man’s ‘batteries’ keeps running out after 5 minutes?

Well, don’t worry, if you are in Nairobi you need to rush at Bus Station and grab yourself pumpkin seeds believed to have potent and natural libido booster.

Pumpkin seeds

It’s here that tens of businesswomen have been making a killing from selling the seeds and other traditional vegetables from Kisii.

Miriam Nyajwa for instance has been here for ten years and knows the importance of pumpkins seeds since one of his customers started buying them religiously and before long the queue started building up at her spot.

“Initially, I was selling traditional vegetables only and few pumpkins, but when I realized more customers were asking for the seeds another friend tipped me about the secret and that we ought to invest more on them” recalls Nyajwa.

Businesswomen around Bus Station, Nairobi

And now the magical seeds measured in 250 grams’ cup here retails at Sh100, and on good day Nyajwa receive more than ten ardent male customers who must grab a cup or two.

“I’ve been forced to outsource them from nearby Wakulima Market at cheaper prices and sometimes all the way from Kisii, and Eastern parts of the country, It is no longer secret customers say it has improved their bedroom lives”, reveals Nyajwa.

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The amount of seeds in a pumpkin according to the businesswoman is never fixed thus its can be less than the packaging quantities which is not enough for commercial purpose.

Depending on supply which is not reliable two kilograms of pure pumpkin seeds takes her one day since one customer can buy the whole stock.

The seeds come with many ways of consuming. Depending on one’s taste the seeds can be chewed when still fresh boiled, roasted then grounded.


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