A Masai watchman in Nairobi has been arrested and charged for allegedly beating a 15 year old girl who declined his request to touch her breasts within Lunga-Lunga slums on 15th March.

Police stated that the teenager was going to buy some items in nearby shop when she met the accused who stopped her claiming he wanted to show her something.

It was then that he is reported to have requested to touch her breasts claiming that they looked very appealing.

When the girl declined police stated that the accused got annoyed and started fondling her despite her resistance.

Further, he is said to have wondered how the minor could just reject him while girls of her age were dating then slapped and kicked the girl thus injuring her.

Members of the public came to her rescue and managed to get hold of the accused who was frog matched to Industrial area Police Station.

He has since pleaded not guilty and was granted cash bail of Sh10, 000 pending hearing on 18th July.


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