Brenda Jepkorir (courtesy)

Marrying and elderly person in African set up and more so in Kenya attracts a huge debate.

This has been the case for 29 year old Brenda Jepkorir and 50 year old Ssemakula Mukiibi.

Jepkorir is writer and while the husband is blogger and computer science guru and have been dating for six years after meeting online.

During an interview with switch Tv, Jepkori revealed that some people think she married her father judging from her husband’s age but the two are now blessed with four year old son.

She said “We first met online, I love thinkers. That is what I found in my husband, that is how I got to love him,”

Mukiibi who has Ugandan roots said Jepkorir’s sharpness turned him on.  “I am a sapiosexual; I get turned on by brains than looks and stuff” he responded.

He added “I have been in a situation, where I am walking with our son and her [Jepkorir], and somebody would say: ‘Are you his grandfather?’ I am like: ‘That is my son’.

Jepkorir further explains  “My husband is really young at heart. When I read him [online], I thought he was a young person, when we met, I still really liked the way he looked at the world, and it was not his age,”

The 29-year-old says she faced resistance and even hostility, when she informed her close friends and relatives that she was dating a man Mukiibi.


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