Caroline Mwatha and her husband Joshua Ochieng.

Caroline Mwatha the slain Dandora activist will be buried on 23rd February even as the family is still in disagreement with police over the causes of her death.

Her disappearance and subsequent discovery of her body at City Mortuary shocked family and Kenyans before Police linked her death with botched abortion.

Detectives stated that the deceased was in constant communication with one Alexander Gitau Gikonya prior to her demise. ​

Further, intent to procure an abortion of a five-month-old pregnancy was established that a doctor had demanded Sh7000 to conduct the procedure.

Reportedly, Alex was the father of child even though Caroline was married to Joshua Ochieng working in Dubai and was planning to come back home having not met the deceased for months.

The face of Alex Gitau Gikonya has now been revealed with lengthy allegation that all along he knew the whereabouts of Caroline Mwatha while the family was searching for her.

Here is the post shared on Nairobi Crime Free today;

…” This is Alex, the man responsible for Caro’s controversial pregnancy. I know it’s not an offence to impregnate another man’s wife whether he’s around or away from his wife,

I know it’s not an offence for a man to send money to any woman via Mpesa, but here comes a situation where the guy knew the whereabouts of the late Caro but decided to keep quiet even after Caro’s issue went viral on all social media platforms.

He was aware of each and every step Caro was making basing on their conversation when they were negotiating about the abortion scandal that resulted to death of the unborn child.

Do we say he #conspired_to_kill or how do we call it? Well, it’s such a very hectic situation but am sure the Kenyan lawyers are now warming up to take up the case in his defense.

Anyway, let’s see how it all ends. At times I get confused as a man, I fail to understand what women want in us men.

Why do I say this? When I do the comparison between this guy here and Caro’s main man, I get confused totally. Any Lawyer on the platform to represent this boy child??


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