At the age of 60 majority of men as spending their sunset years with their grandchildren in the upcountry and watching over goats.

But Madala Frans is still eating life with big spoon, but in bedroom with five girlfriends and he claims no one has ever complained, in fact each one yearns for the old man’s gymnastics every day.

His secret however is that he sleeps with one of the girlfriends from between Monday and Friday then takes breaks during the weekend to refuel.

“I do my work from Monday to Friday. The weekend is when I rest!” he said adding that must never get lazy about ‘digging’ the honeypot.

“Women are lonely and need men. They must satisfy their women. That is a man’s work,” he said.

He added, “That is why I’ve decided to have five women. I’m old, but instead of getting tired, I’m gaining more and more power.”

He said he has one child with one of the women and gets grant and pension money.

“I make sure I share all my money with them fairly. I can’t help myself and love all of them equally.”

Frans says he is planning to marry all of his five girlfriends but insists he is waiting for the right time.

“One woman can’t keep me happy in bed. I plan to get married to all of them one day. I hope to save money to pay their dowry”


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