A landmark ruling on whether gay sex will be allowed in Kenya that was expected to be made the High Court in Nairobi today suffered a blow after it was pushed until further notice.

While the news left the group disappointed even thought their presence at the court was felt with their rainbow colours and weird tattoos

But, majority of Kenyans on various platforms congratulated the High Court asking it trash the matter altogether.

Among the activist was Jacinta Nzilani, a 51-year-old Preacher who confessed to be lesbian as they were leaving the court.

Jacinta said she became a lesbian after her husband died. She says she was ‘forced’ to do this after mistreatment from her in-laws.

The group had earlier congregated at the Cosmopolitan Affirming Church (CAC) to petition God that High Court judges to declare illegal laws barring them from forming associations and even practicing their will, that is marrying.

Kenya’s penal code spells out a 14 years’ punishment for anyone who had carnal knowledge against the order of nature.


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