Every passenger in public service vehicle is supposed to belt up all the time or invite trouble from traffic cops (and the grim reaper).

This is however not the case in almost all matatus plying city routes since most of the vehicles cover jam-packed short distances.

And now, some pickpockets along Jogoo road are using this to pinch mobile phones from passengers, warns Rachael Anyango.

Nairobi Journal has been told the goons mostly target Double M buses considered as ‘Luxury buses’ in Nairobi since most of the passengers boarding them are considered to be ‘well-off’ and mature.

Anyango explained, “I was on a Double M bus to city centre last week when five men boarded at Posta stage along Jogoo road. Minutes later, one of them warned everyone to belt up claiming he had spotted traffic cops ahead,”

“Unknown to us, his accomplices who were shifting positions used the ensuing panic to steal three phones before alighting in a flash around city stadium. The victims only realised they had been done in long after the goons had vapourised into thin air,” she added.

However, a Double M route operator when contacted over the rise in crimes targeting their buses said that it’s hard to pinpoint a pickpocket in bus and those who have been arrested bribe police officers and return to hunt hours later.

“It is hard for us to tell genuine passengers and thieves, it is not true that our crew colluded with the pickpockets and robbers. Sometimes they are arrested but police release them under unclear circumstances” he explained.

Another victim said the pickpockets are always carrying laptop bags mostly operating between Donholm- City stadium-Nacico, between Shell Nyayo stadium-City Cabanas and sometimes Railways-Kenyatta hospital stage.

Now you know guy — belt up and stay woke when you board a Double M buses and others along Jogoo road!


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