Men who are over 100-year-old have to die, to avoid bad omen among the Bukusu community of Western Kenya.

An elder from the region has revealed that a man who lives past 100 years from the time he was circumcised is supposed to be killed.

“Tradition dictates that a man should not live until the next cycle of his age set. Each age set takes a period of 10 years and circumcision is normally done in even years. There are eight age groups in the Bukusu traditions identified through circumcision rites. Each age group starts afresh after all age groups have undergone a full cycle of 10 years,”, the elder claimed.

“A sheep was slaughtered and its blood sprinkled on the ground to appease the spirits of ancestors, they could also be left in a forest alone without food. In most cases, they starved to death.”, he added.

He explained that some part of the meat was given to dogs to eat while the rest was roasted and served with traditional food. The elders also ate herbs after performing the ritual.


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