Kenya E Graders Association, a registered group of those who scored an E in their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) were left out in the recently concluded National Youth Service (NYS) recruitment.

To express their displeasure, some members trooped to the city centre claiming it was the third time they were being discriminated against.

“This is the third time now that we have been left out in the National Youth Service. NYS insisted on those with a D- and above score in the recently concluded recruitment,” lamented Ayub Simba Njagi, the chair of the association who also unveiled the new uniform of Kenya E-Graders.

Njagi wore a green pullover, white shirt, and school necktie, half trousers with blue and grey legs.

He also had with him a student’s metallic box, a pair of black shoes and a backpack.

He insisted that “those who scored that scary grade should not be discriminated against and the uniform symboiised that they also passed through the required learning process only that they did not attain higher scores, but they can still become something in society,”

He added: “All the colours reflect our current system of education. All our members have gone through this system. This look cost me around Sh8,000.”

The association that has 38 members who scored E KCSE. It was formed in 2015, according 38-year-old Njagi who sat for his KSCE in 2011. To join, one is required to pay Sh200 for lifetime membership.

Ayub Simba at Kenya National Archives in Nairobi


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