Four peacocks that were gifted to President Kenyatta by his Tanzanian counterpart Pombe Magufuli have been delivered.

Speaking while receiving the birds, the President expressed his gratitude and appreciation to President Mugufuli.

Uhuru said the peacocks signify the values of love, unity and brotherhood that exist between the people of the two countries.

“This is in the spirit of brotherhood and friendship of the East African resident it is a great honour not only between us as Presidents but as the people of East Africa. This deep relationship and brotherhood should continue so as to benefit our current and future generations,” Uhuru said

He added, “Aided by the unity that exist between our two nations, we will fight with what is negatively affecting our people and any other challenge which might rise until we build a strong and cohesive brotherhood that will enable our people in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi to be referred to as East Africans,”


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