My people

My name is a graduate of Moi university school of law from Kiptere Kericho County .

My story is a sad one ,
My dream of becoming an advocate of the high court should have been a reality by now ,
I was just waiting to be admitted to the bar when my series of painful headaches started back in 2014.

I went to Tenwek and MTRH hospitals and the headaches persisted .
First the doctors said I had typhoid then migraines ,
I was given medicine after medicine but the problem persisted .

I was misdiagnosed at Tenwek hospital as having teeth nerve damage then optical nerve problem which was not the case.

Dr. F. Koech a neurosurgeon of St Luke Hospital Eldoret gave the right diagnosis and advised for my first surgery ,
For six months I waited to get healed completely but then other complication began.

I had a vascular thrombosis that was treated through warfarin for a full year and two months.

I also had sinusitis that could not heal as the headache continued. The hormones were still imbalanced so I had to continue with medications to control then. First bromocriptine then carbagolin.

When I went for MRI again the tumor had recurred.
A second surgery was performed Nov. 2018 then followed by radiation therapy.

I also developed diabetes because of steroids during the treatment and so i was put under mixtard insulin to control the glucose levels.

Six months down the line the tumor can still be seen in the glands proven by high prolactin and growth hormone production. My present doctors put me under sondastatin for two weeks and a depot for two months but since I could not afford I forewent.

They also advised that I go to India for a special kind of procedure that will permanently rid the tumor.

My good people ,
Please help to raise a target of 4Million to enable me seek treatment in Apollo Hospital,India.”

It’s my prayer ,
That I will smile tomorrow ,
With your help and prayers I’m confident that I will be in court in no time fighting for the rights of the downtrodden in our society .
My people take me to India and reinstate the lawyer in me .

Hold my hand my countrymen,
Let’s conquer together this my pain .
My expensive daily medication has drained the the little resources of my parents apart from the much they invested on my education .

Together we shall triumph ,
God is in our midst ,
The little you have is the little I need to bring back the lawyer in me .

I have struggled for hours to write this my story with tears in my eyes ,
My headache is unbearable almost blurring my sight ,
I will not give up ,
I’m waiting upon God ,
I’m hoping for the best.

Someone to just hold my hand ,
Someone to just say it will be alright,
Take me to India my people ,
I know it shall be well again with me .

PAYBILL 281307.


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