Witchdoctors in Nairobi have recorded a decline in business since coronavirus infections were reported in Kenya.

Popular witchdoctor Sabil Abdul famed for treating politicians in Kenya for instance has told Nairobi Journal hat he is yet to receive a patient three months since Uhuru took measures to control the virus. “Things are bad,” Abdul said.

The Tanzania-born mganga is however optimistic that things will soon return to normal, especially with the current heightened political temperatures that has seen a number of Kenyan politicians calling to make enquire about his services.

Jamal Mwakazi who is based in Ngara is feeling the coronavirus heat as well, only treating one or two patients a day.

“Business was very good from December last year until February this year. Today I can hardly get a customer,” he revealed.

Adding that, “Last week, I treated two customers; one of them needed medicine to attract customers to his boutique in town, another one appeared to be prostitute mostly, I treat prostitutes seeking to attract men and keep them as frequent customers.”


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