A Nairobi man has claimed that police have refused to take action against his former Chinese boss who assaulted him in 2019.

Moses Onyango, whose task at the international company was to fix water pipes and guard the company premises, claims police have been taking him in circles for close to a year since he reported the matter and tabled all the documents required to press an assault charge.

Before the incident, Onyango was operating from Thika, where the company was pumping water from Gatanga to Thika. The company head office was in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area where the assault allegedly occurred.

He claims “I had worked for the company for close to three years. Then in 2018, the site manager summoned me with another colleague and offered that since their contract was about to end, we needed to partner in a restaurant business”

“After consultation, I agreed to the deal and invested Sh180,000 after finding a suitable place to run the restaurant, having told us that it was part of the company’s decision to venture into other businesses with locals,” he claimed.

Around that time, Onyango claims, his brother lost his wife, causing him seek permission to travel upcountry a week to the burial. He says that on his return, he found out that the site manager had replaced him in the restaurant business.

“I tried asking him what had happened, but he was rude and I reported the matter to his seniors in Nairobi who promised to investigate it. I also reported the matter at the Thika Police Station, but I was told it was a civil matter.”

Onyango claims that in an attempt to cover up the deal, the site manager promised to refund his money with an additional Sh500,000 for having used his name to register the restaurant business, but this did not happen, forcing him to approach the bosses in Nairobi who again promised to investigate the matter.

“I was forced to engage a lawyer who wrote a demand letter to the site manager. I proceeded to serve him with the letter, with the aim of sharing copy with his seniors at the Upper Hill head office,” he said.

“When I got to the offices, I found the company’s project manager who asked me what I was doing in the premises. He then attacked me, leaving me with chest injuries since he tripped me and stepped on my chest as others cheered him on,” added Onyango.

The matter was booked at Capitol Hill police (OB No. 61/22/08/2019) but Onyango claims the matter has never been investigated or any action taken, yet both managers are still free and mocking him over the case.


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