Southern Bypsaa

Nairobi Southern Bypass Highway ,which starts at the junction of the Nairobi–Mombasa Road and Likoni Road is not safe at night.

For some times now several robbery cases have been reported mostly during late night and early morning hours. In some instances robbers erect roadblocks to trap the motorists before conducting their mission.

The daring highway robbers have now changed the tack and using building blocks on the middle of the road to trap and rob unsuspecting drivers.

Hitting the building block can either result to freak accident or totally damage your tyre then the robbers will arrive in seconds if the road is clear.

Below is narration of how a motorist who was heading to Nakuru through Southern bypass was almost robbed before he was rescued…

“I Left Nairobi this morning at 3am for shags with my family; used Southern Bypass to connect with Waiyaki way; almost reaching at Kikuyu interchange just 3km to Waiyaki way; stretch between Karen Interchange and Kikuyu interchange; thugs put two building blocks (machine cut building stones) on the road for the 2lanes towards Waiyaki way.

So I hit one of the stones and my whole front left wheel; tyre plus rim is shuttered into pieces; I manage to safely bring the car to a stop; thanks to God and the weight of the car I’m driving; it doesn’t swerve; it balances and safely come to a stop;

Immediately I stop, 2middle aged men say between late 20s n early 30s appear with metal rods.

I’m out of the car and my family is still in the car, I alert them to lock the car which they do n am now out alone; another car hits the other remaining block and this time this one veers off the road and hits the rail; one more thug joins the other two and now we about to be robbed.

 This time I had opened my boot for my weapon too and thank God another oncoming motorist stops and starts hooting with hazards on, other oncoming vehicles come and all stop and now the thugs panic and run away. God is with us and we live to see another day again.

 So I kindly alert all of us to be safe and avoid Southern Bypass at night or wee hours of the morning; it’s not safe at all”


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