MCAs urge City Hall to designate breastfeeding points

City MCA Doris Kanario

Nairobi City County Assembly has passed a motion requesting the county government to establish breastfeeding and nursing points in city’s public establishment and places.

Nominated MCA Doris Kanario proposed the motion saying many mothers are unable to breastfeed and bond with their children because of ridicule and discrimination.

“Lactating mothers often feel ashamed of breastfeeding in public and semi-public places due to possibility of potential objections or other people, negative comments or harassment, not to mention the discomfort and health risk to mothers gets exposed for fear of breastfeeding in public” says Kanario.

She says she is disturbed by cases of mothers being denied the privilege to nurse their infants publicly.

“Every person has inherent dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and protected required for the breastfeeding mothers in the public establishments City Hall should establish designate conducive breastfeeding and nursing areas that will be enabling policy as requirement and conditioned for the licenses renewal by the Nairobi County Government” Kanario suggests.


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