Police have nabbed a man suspected of drugging and stealing from passengers in long distance buses plying Mombasa, Nairobi and Kampala.

The suspect was reportedly nabbed inside Buscar offices — and was found with a temporary Tanzanian passport bearing the names Abdul Peruri alias Francis Wambugu. Police established that he had been on a 7pm bus headed to Kampala on Sunday evening.

He was handed over to police before his identities were shared on popular platform belonging to undercover cops asking members of public to raise complaints at the Central Police Station in Nairobi.

An officer privy to the matter at the station told Nairobi Journal that the suspect is in custody until they probe including the kind of drugs allegedly uses on his mission.

“We have him in custody, since there was no complaint we tried to hand him over to Buru-buru police station, but there was not much gravity to hold him there, so he will be taken back to Kamukunji for further probe” said the officer.

At the Mombasa bound buses terminus in Nairobi, Abdul Juma who manages one of the bus companies said crooks who drug passengers operate in teams, mostly targeting women and sometimes raping them inside, at the back seats.

He added, “Some of them are living large from stealing from passengers, and use strong drugs to stupefy their targets then claim to be related to them. Passengers who sit alone must be cautious on the way and reject any food offers, in fact it is not safe to sleep near strangers,”


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