Some Kalenjin elders from Tugen wing have risen to curse the flu, using traditional sacred prayers in Cheplabot village of Kimose, Baringo.

According to reports by Baringo Capital News the elders used ‘immune fire’ lit on top of hilly shrine, rare milk inside ancient guard, honey and palm twig, elders (men and women) sang sacred songs while cursing the flu in coded language.

It is said that the elders were led by Mzee Kigen Arap Kiptoo alias Chebolee, the ordained rainmaker from Kaising’or hill at the shores of river Perkerra.

“This disease is not a joke and by the look of things, we as elders saw it necessary to to kneel before God (Cheptalel) and humbly ask him to cool his tempers on behalf of entire world and we believe he shall hear our prayers”,Chebolee was quoted

Joseph Songoli from Ng’embirir area said God hears everyone’s prayer be it christian or traditional religion so long as they humble themselves and ask for forgiveness whenever they go wrong.

The sacred prayer is done once per year in a chosen secluded place, depending on conditions of the land, especially go compel encroaching pandemics (plaques).


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