Joseph Kimani wants to know if the tens of people who while days away around the National Archives claiming to be running promotions are legit or thugs licensed by City Hall to rob Nairobians.

Kimani’s concern comes after he lost his mobile phone to a team of so-called promoters who cornered him, begging him to try his luck.

“They usually arrive a tinted Toyota Voxy or Noah  at around 6am in with tens of people holding raffles. That day, some men approached me in a group. I dislodged myself from the mob after insisting I was not interested and walked away. Later, I realised my phone was missing.

“When I returned minutes later, I was almost beaten up. I came to learn that other people have also been duped or lost valuables to the pickpockets who also operate around Odeon, Railways, Fire station and Race course,” he told Vigil.

Don’t say you were not warned. Meanwhile, a security camera at that spot wouldn’t hurt, would it?


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