Many people in Nairobi have lost their valuables to pickpockets posing as matatu touts at Lang’ata stage just opposite the Nyayo Stadium police post.

According to the victims, the pickpockets operate in groups of four to five pretending to welcome their target to board on waiting 14 seater matatus.

“They wait for matatus picking passengers on the way and board in a hurry, in the process, it happened to me on Sunday, since I was in a hurry. I thought they were genuine touts only to realise one of my phone was missing, luckily I had another in my hand,” one of the victims narrated.

Mwangi suspects some of the matatu crew collude with the criminals and share the loot judging by their reaction whenever a pick pocketing case is reported.

Another victim who lost her Iphone 8 valued at Sh40,000, said she fell for a similar confusion of pickpockets on the spot but seems the conductor of the vehicle played with her mind too.

“Immediately we left the bus stop, the conductors shouted that someone had dropped a mobile phone behind, when I searched my pockets it was missing and I requested them to stop,” she recalls.


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