Its appears Kiambu murder case where businessman Joseph Kori Karue is being accused of killing his wife will keep Kenyans glued for a while like a soap opera.

Today another woman identified as Florence Warui has crawled from the woodwork to claim the piece of Kori who is now in custody alongside his girlfriend Judy Wangui Mungia in connection of his wife Mary Wambui Kamangara.

Yesterday, his first wife Grace Wanjiku joined the list claiming to have been dumped by Kori in 2010 to live with the deceased Mary Wambui Kamangara.

Florence Warui is now the Fourth woman in the list claiming she was deeply in love with Kori and there were plans to take their relationship into the next level.

Kori has since been arrested alongside his Mpango wa Kando Judy Wangui Mungai, in connection with the gruesome murder and still in custody until the investigations are complete.

On the eve of her death she had convinced Wangui to take her to her (Wangui’s) since her taxi had developed mechanical problems then they found Kori in the house with his pictures on the wall in what is said to have sparked a squabble after finding that they were both seeing the same man.

Kori was arrested at the scene where Wambui’s body was found wrapped in bed sheets inside a sack after the cops reportedly saw him leaving the scene.

It is alleged that he told the detectives that he had visited the scene to search for his missing wife after coming across a Facebook page that a woman’s body had been discovered around.


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