Kalenjin Rapper: Why I wanted to die two months ago


Frustrations are real among celebrities and Kalenjin hip hop rapper Sandra Chebet Koech popularly known as Msupa S. is not an exception, she has been through highs and lows.

Msupa S has now claimed that she almost committed suicide after her former boyfriend cam manager started frustrating and accusing her of infidelity.

Msupa S vs Willy M Tuva (courtesy)

The mother of one revealed this during interview with local radio station delving that this happened while she was out on music assignment almost two months ago.

“I had gone to produce my music within Bomet. Unfortunately there were no lights.  My baby daddy video called me at night insisting to see me, but I told him that it was darker since there were no lights.”

For this reason, the boyfriend accused her of being in company of other men who she was protecting “I went back home the following day and in disbelief I found him with my child already gone. “She explained.

As if this was not enough, the boyfriend posted photos of them kissing and including their child, he also posted edited messages and photos to portray that she was having a thing with celebrities including Mambo Mseto’s Will M Tuva.

At some point Msupa S claimed this forced to contemplate taking her life then to forget the problems she switched to alcohol and smoking.

Even though the man has never returned the child, Msupa S has decided to keep her head high and pursue her career hoping that one day, things will be better.




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