Some residents of sleepy Chesilyot village in Bomet County are still reeling from the shock after a family busted man suspected to be night runner but he melted into the in darkness.

The unidentified man however left behind strange paraphernalia that is now the talk of the village including black powder, soda ash and a piece of goatskin wrapped in red material.

strange paraphernalia (courtesy)

Nairobi Journal has now been told the whole incident started after one of the villagers Grace Lag’at noticed that one of her cows was not in god shape for a while.

Kenneth Cheruiyot a close neighbour said “the woman had noticed that her cow was no longer producing any milk and losing weight despite the fact that it delivered recently”

Adding that “she alerted local vet but found any problem despite losing weight and becoming weak to an extend that the cow was unable to support herself”

Cheruiyot said on the eve of the incident the widow was worried and kept checking her cow that kept mooing uncomfortably throughout the night”

“At around 3am, she stepped out again and this time round she went to check the calves and that is when the night runner thought to have been busted forcing him to take flight and melted in darkness”

The following day that the woman discovered the night runner had left behind shocking stuff believed to have been used to bewitch her cow.

They included four-inch nail, three keys, soda ash, black powder, small bottle with tyre threads, hair, rubber band, bird’s nest, motorbike bolt and sand mixed with cow dung.

“These things are rampant around here but this is the first incident whereby someone has left strange stuff behind, we believe others will now shun, elders have also promised to hold a meeting to probe similar cases and offer lasting solution” another villager responded

Bernard Lang’at, a village elder on his side while confirming the incident said the locals have been witnessing how the livestock are suffering to what he suspects to be witchcraft even though rumours that the village has night runners have been spreading.

“We were shocked to find the shocking stuff, we as elders and villagers set a date for meeting to discuss about the matter and probably curse the night runner, in our community uttering a word never goes in vain” Nairobi Journal.


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