Is this where women are raped in Dandora?

Women clothes tattered in the place rapists are said to commandeer in Dandora. [Photo: Courtesy]

A deserted, bushy point along the railway line near KCC Slums in Dandora is likely the place where thugs drag their victims, mostly women and rape them.

Residents who bumped on innerwears dumped there and the place indicating struggle of a kind say victims are heard screaming for help.

Dandora is one of Nairobi’s hotbed of criminals, a majority young and ruthless. They have been killed in numbers but keep popping up.

Innerwears discovered at the place rapists reportedly operate in Dandora. [Photo: Courtesy]
The photos of abandoned underwears, bra, dresses and a man’s trousers reveal the sad happenings there. The place is between Outering road and the said slums.

“Every night there are screams of women being raped and robbed. This is a fresh incident which happened last night, when you go at the scene you will see how the criminals’ toes were digging the ground, while consuming someone’s food without permission” a resident shared the story on Facebook.

The gang is said to extend its thuggery to Buruburu and Jogoo Road. Police have vowed to take action.


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