A Sierra Leon teacher is leading a drive in Kenya to build classes and have a trust fund to educate the special needs including autistic children.

Regina Fallah-Hausman, a special needs students teacher living in the US will show case and sell her recycled art at the Kenya National Museum to raise funds for the much need funds for Kenyan children with autism.

She will also teach kids and those who will show up to make arts; art is a therapy and teaching tool for autistic children.

Hausman is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of A Place to Grow Educational Center.

Students are paying Sh 2000 while adults Sh 3000 to access the Museum’s amphitheater in which all funds will be channeled towards Arthur’s Dream Autism Trust (ADAT).

A 12-year-old Kenyan boy Arthur has inspired another drive in Liberia even as parents hope to have schools for special needs across the country to help lower the cost of giving quality education for autistic children.


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