woman’s panty (courtesy)

A dirty woman and poor bedroom hygiene could be one of the reasons for failed marriages in Nairobi.

This is what Pastor JJ, the lead preacher of Priesthood Fellowship Church in Kahawa has been trying to address in order to save marriages.

Pastor JJ (James Maina Gitahi) has been teaching women and other listeners about private part and general cleanliness in Church and various local radio stations for years now.

Pastor JJ

In one of the recent interviews, JJ alluded that married women have little knowledge private parts hygiene in move that could be turning off their husbands who then find themselves in the hands of ‘Mipango za kando’.

One of the secret according to the preacher is for women to stop wearing  non-cotton panties, bikers and overdressing their goodies, which he says causes a buildup  of bad odour.

He said “I counsel couples on different issues. Most men come to me complaining that their wives’ smelly privates are affecting their sex life. Women must avoid nylon panties and heavy down there. This is the only solution to reduce infections awful smell,”

Pastor JJ

“The woman’s genitals are like a river that cleans itself. Myths that applying mango and orange juices or yoghurt in the private parts to make them clean are false,” he added.

JJ warns, those women who uses sex toys stating that they are harmful as they can cause infections. “Sex toys are ungodly since that’s not how sex ought to be done. I am shocked when I hear that some people even use bananas, carrots and cucumbers.”


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