Mary Wambui Kamangara

In January 2018 Mary Wambui Kamangara shared a video as she drove along Thika Road in which she ominously bid her friends goodbye and extolled them to stick to God.

During the serene afternoon drive, Wambui, who was playing a popular South African worship song Nara Ekele Mo (Take My Thanksgiving) by Travis Greene and Tim Godfrey, engaged her followers as she aired her journey on Facebook.

As the song played, she paused to tell her friends and followers goodbye, adding that they should stick to God no matter what they were going through in life.

Mary Wambui Kamangara

“Cheka tu Sylvia, bye guys. Love this God with all your heart and soul. Don’t lose hope and be patient in everything despite what you are going through in life.” She responded.

Going ahead: “Just stick to God. It’s just a matter of time. There is nothing that lasts forever; just be patient with him even if it will take seven or 20 years. He has been patient to us. That is my parting shot, bye …”

Mary Wambui Kamangara and husband Joseph Kori Karue

Wambui is now dead and thousands of her followers are trooping back to her Facebook timeline to type ‘Rest in Peace’ and pay their last respects.

Her maimed body was found dumped in a dam near Mugutha estate in Juja on Sunday morning.

Her husband, Joseph Kori Karue, and Judy Wangui Mungai, a woman believed to be Kori’s girlfriend, have since been arrested in connection with the gruesome murder.

Joseph Kori Karue, and Judy Wangui Mungai

The two were arraigned before a Kiambu court on Tuesday before police were given the green light to hold them for two weeks to complete investigations.

That day, it is reported that Wambui and Wangui spent the afternoon together and even shared meal and drinks at popular clubs along Thika road.

Mary Wambui (L) and Judy Judy Wangui Mungai (R)

On the eve of her death she had convinced Wangui to take her to her (Wangui’s) since her taxi had developed mechanical problems then they found Kori in the house with his pictures on the wall in what is said to have sparked a squabble after finding that they were both seeing the same man.

Kori was arrested at the scene where Wambui’s body was found wrapped in bed sheets inside a sack after the cops reportedly saw him leaving the scene.

It is alleged that he told the detectives that he had visited the scene to search for his missing wife after coming across a Facebook page that a woman’s body had been discovered around.


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