A Preacher who has been sentenced to serve 15 years for raping a class six girl has told the court to set him free because his followers will miss him while he will be serving the jail term.

The preacher Bernard Gichobi was found guilty by Magistrate court in Gichugu in what the trial magistrate said the prosecution proved its evidence beyond doubt.

The preacher had been accused of defiling the 16 year old girl thus alternative charge of committing indecent act with minor against her will.

During the hearing of the matter, it was said that the preacher raped the girl and warned her never to tell anyone.

When given time to defend himself, the Man of God told the court to hand him heavy punishment since his followers will miss his sermons.

In mitigation, the pastor said he was remorseful and pleaded with the court to be lenient when making the judgment.

The pastor asked the court to prefer a non-custodial sentence against him because his flock may suffer if he was put behind bars.

The trail magistrate that stated the sentence was fit for such offenses so as to serve as an example to others who have similar habits.


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