Rescue going on at Riverside Drive after terror attack this afternoon. [Courtesy]

There is widely spread fallacy that Muslim and non Muslim terrorist who blow themselves up will be rewarded with 72 virgins in heaven.

This explains why a widely circulated video captured on Tuesday during the Dusit D2 Attack in Nairobi’s Riverside area reveals how one of the terrorist blew himself up, probably to enjoy the virgins before his colleagues.

The five terrorists stormed Dusit D2 hotel armed with grenades to carry out an attack that left more than 10 people dead and scores injured.

While the Somali based groups Alsha-baab have since claimed responsibility, the Kenyan police comprising of several units managed to gun down the remaining terror suspects in a move that has been lauded as one of the swiftest response ever.

At the scene however police and other organs mopping up the area have found manhoods believed to be remains of the terrorists who blew themselves up.

Kenyans have now discovered all along this has been pure fallacy meant to mislead young men to join the terror group after being radicalized.

We hope, this is big lesson for young men who were planning to join these Satanic terror groups.

’72 virgins’ cartoon (courtesy)


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