A man has been arraigned before Nairobi court and charged with threatening to stab his girlfriend for turning down marriage proposal.

Samwel Kipchoge 48 is alleged to have created disturbance by unleashing obscenities and threatening to stab Philis Wairimu Njeri with a knife on 21st January in Nairobi.

It is stated that the two have been in a relationship but at some point Wairimu dumped Kipchoge citing arrogance and rough man.

But on the said day, it is stated that the accused met Wairimu and in attempt to win her back, he went down on his knees and poured out his heart but the lady declined.

The accused who was in company of friend is said to have been stung by Wairimu’s statements.

He is said to have vanished for a while then caught up with Wairimu then she insulted her that she is prostitute then threatened to stab her with kitchen knife.

Fearing for her life, Wairimu then reported the man to police who arrested him days later.

Kipchoge denied the charge and was set free on Sh10, 000 pending hearing on 25 of April.


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