Harrison Mumia the President Atheists In Kenya

The ongoing talk about extend women go look sexy including using dangerous skin lightening products has elicited huge debate.

The ‘Mkorogo’ topic was sparked following investigative piece by local television station in an attempt to shade the light on dangers of skin lightening creams and jabs available in Nairobi’s downtown areas.

The issue has now opened a debate on advantages of light skinned and dark skinned women in terms of job opportunities and even who is likely to attract men at any given time.

Harison Mumia, Atheist in Kenya President has also weighed in on the hot topic that seems to be too hot to handle.

He shared “Let’s be honest. Physical advantages really can get you many opportunities fairly easier. I know it’s not fair but it is what it is. Happens every damn day.

Lighter skinned ladies are more likely to be approached for a date by men than dark skinned ladies. Yes. True. And it’s nobody’s fault. They are likely to be treated more favourably at the work place. Are likely to get jobs.

So … Tusidanganyane. The world is not fair. A white dog is more likely to get a buyer than a black dog. Right!? Let’s not behave like this stuff ain’t happening.

To those who have lighter skin color, be grateful and seize the day whenever the opportunity presents itself, to those who have darker skin color, just work harder and show that skin color has no relevance in your character, or performance as a professional.


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