Route 32 (Dandora) was once feared but of late, it has become safer & ‘sampling’ friendly, as always I’m diverse and unbiased.

Today, ‘Kitova’s Lens’ is on the route to sample Fanatik aka Antitode recently souped up by Lithium Arts; it was originally  designed by Kim customs before hitting route.

Exterior is Very appealing with its chocolate color & nice portraits.

The vehicle is standard KCI, interior we have a main 43″ and four 19 ” front facing side screens.

Music wise it’s decent with jvc midrange speakers delivering thumps and thuds.

Offline performance this vehicle is a huge threat at Family bank, currently Bankroll, Freshian are at the very top, Fanatik is still top 5.

Fun fact: This is Virus season 2.

Fun fact 2: Dandora was once a sisal plantation farm whose name came from a couple named Dan & Dora.

As a route, Dandora is lucrative, with various entry & exit points like Juja road, Jogoo road & Thika road..

Let the reviews continue to grow & let’s embrace diversity in the different routes we have in Kenya.

#whenever you try to get research on the transport industry be wary of the FANATIKS.



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