UTUKUFU aka Bikira Maria

KBZ 757V

ROG SACCO (River of God), route 23 Civo

Keeping it diverse since 2018.

This month’s main focus is ” umanyanga ndani ya uniform”.

The exterior is eye catching thanks to Lithium Arts & of course the Jav is well maintained with the gold plated aluco boards, aluminum rims & decent back portraits.

Interior we have a main 40″ screen, the Perspex is triangular shaped patterns& a few roof stickers.

Music wise it’s decent at best, had some distortions, all in all a very neat jav.

Outer ring route has two paths namely: Gill house to civo , Buru Buru phase 1, Pioneer& to Harambee estate/ Uhuru junction.

Fun fact 1: ROG is a fully complaint Sacco with worksheets, uniforms & very a gospel code but is well managed.

Fun fact 2: if you were a 90s kid you’ll remember there was WIMPY restaurant where Gill House stands.

ROG, CBET are the main Sacco’s in this route with 23s for Muthurwa passing by the route.

If you grew up in Harambee, Jeri, Salem, Bahati estate & the likes you are familiar with the delicacy ‘ pasua’ it was heavenly to say the least.

Legendary vehicles in this route include, Diablo,Fatal, Rockers, Raptor’s and Mischief the great.

As a route to venture into it’s a short route with less pressure, fairly good roads and max fare is Sh70 offloads of 5- 10,000 are possible here.

Big up SAM the driver for your friendliness & cooperation during this sampling

# The next time you’re going to Uhuru estate, get to Gillhouse , look for UTUKUFU & get your spirit lifted by smooth urban gospel hit’s.

Review By Kitova Musa


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