For ages, delivery room has been associated with horrifying stories of pain and complications in move that push some women to depression.

But a male nurse at AIC Kijabe hospital is now turning things better for expectant women by spiritually nourishing them with word of God and encouraging them before and after delivery.

Fondly referred as ‘Bishop’, Robert Cheruiyot has never stepped into theology class but the assistant manager at nursery section has been sharing the word with mothers for around 20 years now.

“I always pray and share the word of God with mothers and even colleagues seeking heavenly interventions in each and every problem as I deliver medical services to them, that way they feel encouraged and overcome any challenge on their way” Cheruiyot told Nairobi Journal.

According to the nurse his two decades of offering shoulder to cry on for women has seen him launch ‘Still Mum’ a program that encourages and enlightens mums who have lost hope at the brink of losing their infants.

“Women go through tough times that’s why I saw the need to not only use payers but also program so that they can embrace any kind of outcome positively, my colleagues have been urging me to enroll for theology course but at the moment I’, happy to serve the patients with little knowledge” he said.

Working in a nursery unit he said needs a lot of dedication and passion to handle the premature babies and on daily basis, they receive about 20-27 newborns, a daily work requiring about 9hours a day.

“I’m always happy when mothers and their babies responds positively to medication but it makes me sad when the process results in loss of life through complications”

He added “In such instances we try to psychologically and emotionally prepare bereaved families or mothers to come to terms through ‘still a mum’ educational program, advising them not to ever lose hope since they can still be mothers”


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