A popular governor from Rift Valley has turned a high-end hotel in Nairobi into a brothel.

A bevy of young women flock the hotel to have sex with him after which they are paid Sh30, 000 for the visit.

A hotlel staff hinted to Nairobi Journal that when the governor is not in his county, he is at the hotel and can sometimes meet up to three women a day.

“The women show up at interval of three hours when the county boss is around, one of them told me he pays around Sh35,000 for three hour session” said the staff.

Another businessman who who holds his meetings at the hotel recently told the management that the might be forced to stop patronising the restaurant because the governor’s conduct with his lovers can be a distraction.

“The girls who check in the restaurant distract our meetings when they show up because of their dress codes, some are totally naked,” the businessman stated.


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