A Nairobi man is spending sleepless nights after rich white man offered him Sh100,000 so that he (Mzungu) can sleep with his wife just for a night.

Michael Onyango has now written to one of the local dailies seeking advice before accepting the mouth watering offer.

He shared his problem “I am married to this very beautiful woman. The problem is that a colleague of mine at work thinks my wife is too beautiful to be with me, and has offered me Sh100,000 to be with her for just a day.

He added “He’s a mzungu from Britain and even offered to book me into an expensive hotel as he makes love to my wife. Should I take the money He says my wife will never know that I was part of the deal”

Do you think he should accept the offer and allow his wife be chewed by the Briton?


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