Millie Odhiambo has kept pantie that was torn by MPs in bunge brawl

Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo. [Photo: Courtesy]

When Jubilee and ODM legislators clashed over the Security Laws Bill in December 2014, outspoken Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo was one of the politicians thrashed in the brawl.

Her innerwear she alleged was pulled out and ripped off by male Jubilee MPs and interestingly she has kept the torn undies up to date.

She recently revealed she still has the torn underwear she claims was a designer that why it withstood callous pull.

“I was beaten by men and undressed by men but people believe I undressed myself. We were fighting and you mimi ni Kichwa ni Kichwa ngumu. They were stopping us from reaching the Speaker” Millie said on a local television.

Victoria’s Secret designer underwear, the type Millie Odhiambo wears. [Photo: Courtesy]
She said it was when she used her buttocks to squeeze her way to Speaker’s desk that some male MPs started pulling up her dress and underwear.

“My underwear was a designer that why it withstood callous pull”- millie says

“I noticed two male MPs were pulling up my dress and whenever I tried to pull it down they were pulling it up. The other was pulling my pantie. They tore it but I have kept it. I was fortunate it was designer wear and luckily I wore it that day” she said.

She earlier claimed that an outspoken MP from Kiambu County tore her suruali. She also claimed she wears high-end undies from American’s Victoria’s Secret brand.


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