Desmond Otieno alias Wamama aka Mfalme Tajiri Mkuu has completed his two months stay in Kenya.

Wamama left the country yesterday to Oman where he works as toilet cleaner but he has promised to come back in bigger and better man in the society.

Wamama who landed in Nairobi around March this year rose to fame from posting interesting and equally nasty photos including his uncut dudu claiming to be women’s defender.

In some instances, he had been sharing his videos on Kilimani Mums and other groups while dancing naked thus attracting thousands of women on his social media pages.

During his three months stay, Wamama’s fortunes shot up; in fact he landed a lucrative deal with a toilet cleaning agent.

He was also left with something to smile about after his missing front teeth were replaced by a city clinic dubbed Merident teeth clinic.

His front teeth were knocked off following inaccurate antibacterial dose that left him toothless at tender age.

Wamama is son of renowned ODM/NASA supporter who was injured during protests called by opposition leader Raila Odinga two years ago

Owino Mawe sustained hip injury after being knocked down by car during the NASA protest in October 9th 2017 and has never healed completely with huge hospital bill on his back.

The NASA die-hard was first admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital before he was airlifted to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kisumu, and discharged two years later.

Politicians promised to help, but he claims some later abandoned him. Doctors had advised him to attend clinic sessions for the next two years, but he only managed two sessions at a hospital in Buruburu.


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