1 ‘Prophet’ David Owuor

Dr David Owuor, the self-proclaimed ‘Mightiest Prophets of the Lord’ last June became “two in one” and equated himself to biblical prophets Elijah and Moses.

In a video posted online, Owuor who is easily identified by his trademark dreadlocked beard, claims that no one can purport to go heaven without going through him.

2 Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a

Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a of the Neno Evangelism Church is controversial preacher who has been hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons.

This include frequent outburst on the pulpit and other acts that has left worshipers wondering if he is mentally upright.

Last year he was accused of killing pedestrian through dangerous driving along Nakuru-Nairobi highway in case that he was aquitedd under unclear circumstances.

3 Lucy Natasha

Rev Natasha

Often referred to as ‘Oracle of God’, Rev Lucy Natasha has become the talk of the town, not only because of her prepossessing looks and appealing figure but also because of her seemingly extravagant lifestyle. Recently in the limelight for parading her numerous cars and bodyguards

4 Victor Kanyari

Bishop Victor Kanyari

Kanyari was in the limelight after being exposed three years ago for performing fake miracles using potassium permanganate, which turns purple when dissolved in water.

He used this chemical reaction ruse to convince followers that his prayers washed away mysterious diseases by asking them to step into water and witness the disease being ‘washed away’ and change the colour of water in the process.

He was then asking those who wished to be prayed for to panda mbegu with Sh310 through mobile phone money transfer.

6 5 Francis Musili

Apostle Francis Musili is the President and the Presiding Bishop of Around the Globe Deliverance Ministry, International (ATG)

Even though he has never been linked to much controversy, some quarters believe Musili is hiring some worshipers to pose for ‘miracle prayers’, selling anointed oil and ‘blessed’ water for Sh2500.

7 Prophetess Monica

Prophetess Monica Nyambura Kibui of Prophetic hour ministry got married in 2017 for the second time after 11 years of abstaining from sex.

The sassy preacher first came into public limelight around 2015 when ‘Team Mafisi’ saw her as a target.

She was recently accused of refusing to pay Sh24,000 for services rendered to her church.

8 Joseph Matco

Rev. Joseph Kiilu popularly known as ‘Matco’ is the lead Preacher of Miracle Life Assembly in Nairobi.

The preacher who is mistaken as Congolese was in the news around five ago following grand wedding that never lasted for a year.

After divorcing the first wife, he married a another one but he is said to be sleeping with youthful worshipers of his church in move that has seen others quit after getting pregnant for the preacher.

9 Allan and Kathy Kiuna

Bishop Allan Kiuna is the General Overseer of Jubilee Christian Church while his wife Kathy is the co-founding pastor.

In 2016 Kiuna claimed some worshipers had surprised him with private jet but it later emerged that it was just a rumour.

The man of God claimed agents of the devil had hacked his account, downloaded a picture from the Internet and uploaded it on Instagram, complete with a caption.

10 David Muriithi

Bishop David Muriithi  is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the House of Grace Church, Nairobi; a Ministry birthed in 2002.

In 2017 Muriithi was caught up tipsy controversy as he proved to be a self-styled Scottish Whisky dinosaur.

He was busted company of brown succulent curvaceous lady, as he shielded his glass of Glenfiddich with a mineral water bottle.


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