UoN Campus Drama Society members performing

University of Nairobi students inspired by KTN’s documentaries have launched a drama group to re-enact some of Kenya’s major cases and stories.

UoN Parklands Campus Drama Society dubbed “theatre of the Absurd” kicked off over the weekend with “Mine or Nobody”, a play based on the late prominent lawyer S.M Otieno that was staged at Sheria Hall, Parklands Campus.

Silas Owiti, one of the group founders said the play was inspired by KTN’s Duncan Khaemba story titled; “The Battle for Nyalgunga: SM Otieno Case”.

Owiti, a law student said subsequent plays will dramatise KTN’s “Casefiles” stories, ex-grave raider John Kibera’s story, former bank robber John Kiriamiti’s books and political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi’s “The 5th Estate” programme.

“We even wanted to brand it casefiles. We talked to KTN reporter Dennis Onsarigo who liked the idea, took us through the process of gathering facts. Onsarigo and Khaemba were instrumental in the inaugural play” said Owiti.

He said; “It is an intriguing and educative theatre show. We want to promote our culture and educate people about these cases. Stories told in the past to bring them out and bring people together and also accomplish mature university entertainment”

The show will explore absurdity in Kenya’s political and legal arena. Owiti said it is a monthly affair, open to public for Sh300 individuals and couples Sh500.


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