Radio Presenter’s son dies while watching TV

Betty Opondo's son Tevin.

Radio Presenter at Radio Lake Victoria Betty Opondo lost her son who was okay one moment watching his favourite programme and the next minute cold and gone.

Betty who also worked for Radio Africa, Radio Maisha and Dala FM shared the sad story today on her Facebook timeline saying Tevin was okay but suddenly he passed on.

“Am trying to get a better picture of you Tevin…… am too weak to go through my pictures…. .asleep or dead??… am I dreaming? U were only sick for 2weeks in December, recovered n went back to school… What happened??….wake up n explain to me!!!….” she wrote.

Radio Presenter Betty Opondo.

Betty added; “My baby, my handsome… our ‘pet’,… jaber kanyako, Nyathina do people die like that???, just the other day u told me ‘mum am soo okey’… How do people just collapse n die watching TV.. (Nickledeon), na remote kwa mkono!!! Babana”.

The heartbreaking photo Betty Opondo shared on Facebook. Her jovial son and next lying in a morgue.

She shared his photo while looking happy and another while cold on a mortuary table. “ my baby unafanya nini mortuary, your phone is off… Uko mteja, who switched it off??……….. God’s will?? Noooo, niambieni kitu ingine!!!! How! How!!!!!!!!!!!”. Friends and fans in big numbers have condoled her.


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