Ringtone roasted for asking Kenyans to pray for him to afford new tyre

Ringtone posing next to his car after he got a flat tyre.

Every motorist goes through some distress moments and they handle calmly but for gospel musician Alex Apoko alias Ringtone, a puncture was a ‘big’ issue to yell on Facebook and even ask for prayers.

The musician who brags he is the riches artist in Kenya was however slammed by followers calling him an attention seeker and braggart.

He posted; “Breaking news💥💥💥 I had a puncture today. I was very terrifying, It shocked me to the core but I held my faith intact knowing that God was in control. Please pray for me I need a new tire😢😢😢😢.#254fashion #254 #254igers #publicity254”.

He expected showing off his Range Rover and ‘distress’ situation he was in would draw sympathy but he was in for rude shock. This is how his followers reacted. Wa! Ogopa Kenyans.

Mahrez Lee Now my concern is, if you need prayer’s to buy a tyre, you must have undergone a mega cult to buy the car if you actually did.

Nicely Kenny So we should pray for you for a new tyre?? Hehehe this is funny! You don’t know where to buy new one or what should we pray about?? We thank God you are alive but praying for a new tyre that can’t promise you I will do, go get this fixed my friend…

Samuel Ayola Jogoo road just terrified me, iam at great shock. i think i need a new road. Pliz pray for me

Alice Nthenya *You were terrified*Silly..

Ringtone. He is fond of bragging about his wealth.

Prince Eugene Blue Sparta You were terrifying…..Choose your stuggle carefully..before you can tell us to pray for you for a new tyre ask us to also pray for your English

Bernardos Wa Mukunga stop being a small boy,funda

Phil Musyoka So you decided to murder English

Elizabeth Ngina Thiongo “You was very terrifying” Alex you are one of the reasons why Jesus wept.

Julius Wa Mukurweini I can buy you a new tire, just like i used to buy you lunch those days mkiwa na Wyclifee Ambassodr but then ukapata ukanisahau..


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