Citizen Tv news anchor and presenter together with his wife Marya Prudence have narrated how their first night while in honeymoon turned out to be pathetic at unsiclosed location outside the country.

Raburu walked down the aisle with Marya in 2017 at invite only event held within plum Runda estate in Nairobi before jetting out for honey money.

Speaking to Citizen Tv on 27th April, Marya disclosed that the room they had book had high bed that she has to literary climbed onto it.

The two claimed for this literally denied them from reaching the much hyped ‘cloud’ nine since the room was also infested with millipedes.

“This room had a bed that was so high; I had to literally climb it. And even if you think of the activity at the junction, there were some things we could not do on that bed.

The room had black and red millipedes. They could appear anywhere. You could sleep and wake up and see them on the bed frame” said Marya

At some point in the dead night, the couple was forced to move the seats outside as they could not peacefully sleep due to claw like sounds scratching them.

Sadly, Raburu had paid for everything for a week with mush anticipation that it will the most remembered moments but ended up sharing the bed like siblings throughout their honeymoon.

“It was chaos, I was like, I have brought somebody’s daughter here and on our first day, she wants to cry. And you know on top of that she was in the zone, so there was no activity at the junction. So ni kupendana tu like brother and a sister” he disclosed.


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