Pastor Paul Kuria

Is ‘The Standard’ Group Entertainment website ‘SDE’ paid to publish fake articles?

This is what majority of Kenyans are discussing following an article that was published by the website today praising Nairobi preacher who claims he is able to cure HIV.

Pastor Paul Kuria also known as ‘Man Kush’ of Joy Centre Church was quoted to have prayed for terminally ill woman infected with HIV during one of his crusades.

The preacher was quoted “She came up to me and told me she had HIV and from what I know, HIV has no cure. So I just raised my hand, because I was already done with my crusade in Karatina and said,, I met her two years later and she was healed”


Even though the website picked the story after the preacher appeared for an Interview with Radio Jambo, Kenyans think The Standard’s platform is now mouthpiece for misleading stories.

Here are some of the observations by Kenyans who believe the piece is just a PR story and nothing far from platform’s ‘Entertainment’ slogan.

Peter Nganga Kanyari episode 2

Nyakwar Popi Nyarkabonyo kindly visit kenyatta hospital they need to decongest their wards nd you might be of great help.

Yafesi Biggy Amwayi A marketing gimmick

Zippy Mso Soni Pastor Kuria remain in comedy

Aqua Starlet Okay….tumeskia your congame…now you can go. Those 2 minutes of fame are

Harun Kibicho It’s an error in the lab so when they did go through the records they realized their mistake so kush acha mapambo

Th’s Iz Bakaka You must be too idle so called false prophet!!

Jonnie Mpenda Amani How can u heal HIV ad yet there some people that are not healed yet nonsense

Pmh Otindi This pastor’s must be pushed for misrepresentation and fraud. Let take all the sick if nothing improve then straight to jail.


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