Sleeping with animals is against the law in Kenya and one can be arrested and arraigned in court to answer bestiality charge.

This is described as cruelty to animal that falls under chapter 63 of the penal code and is crime that that can land the offenders for 14 years in jail if found guilty.

But a 38 year old man who was busted ravishing a female goat at a village Kiambu last month has told the court that the animal looked at him with ‘sexy eyes’.

This, he claimed was the animal’s way of telling him to jump over the fence, grab it and commit the dreadful act around 3pm on a Saturday before he was spotted by passersby who arrested and frog matched him to nearby police station.

When he was arraigned in court the jovial man claimed “The goat was grazing just next to the garden I was working at, then I saw her looking at me with sexy eyes and I interpreted to mean that it had given me green light”.

Even after denying the act and giving the strange explanation, the court has now asked the accused be taken for sanity test to determine if he is fit for trail or not.


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