SHOCKING !!!! : Two young boys reveal how they were raped by woman aged 18


Two boys aged 8 and 8 years have confessed before a court of law that they were raped repeatedly.

The boys were testifying before Kakamega court against woman who is accused of defiling them in February.

According to local daily, the eight-year-old boy said at around 4pm while playing with his friends at home, the accused called him to her house pretending to show him a game on her phone.

“I was called into the house by the accused so that she could show me a game on her phone but after entering the house, she took me to the bedroom, undressed me and defiled me,” he said.

He added that during the act, the second complainant, who is his brother, also gave an account of what happened on the material day.

He said while he was outside playing, he became curious about the kind of game his sibling was being shown.

And when he decided to peep through the window, he saw his brother naked and the accused in bed, prompting him to go and knock on the bedroom door.

“When I knocked on the door, she (accused) opened and I saw my brother naked in bed. I asked what game they were playing but they didn’t answer me,” he said.

He said that the accused asked him to also go to bed to be shown the “video game” she had shown his brother.

“I went to bed full of curiosity only for her to defile me,” he said.

He also said they were warned against telling anyone and feared for their safety as the accused had vowed to beat them if they reported.


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