For many years, men have been caught between a rock and hard place on who should take the front seat of the family vehicle between the wife and his mother.

This has been a real headache mostly for men who work in big towns and own a vehicle or two; the drama starts when the mother visits the city where the son and wife live and eats life with a spoon.

This is what some residents in Nairobi’s Karen estate witnessed on Saturday morning after a young lady slapped and ejected mother-in-law who had taken a front seat as they were heading to the city centre.

A gardener identified as Wanyonyi who spoke to Nairobi Journal said the mother-in-law came to Nairobi on Wednesday, January 25, 2022 to visit his son who works as a bank manager in Nairobi; the man’s wife is a lawyer.

On the fateful morning, they were set to drive to the city centre to buy some house-hold items using one vehicle thus the man’s mother decided to take the front seat.

“The man’s wife was still preparing in the bedroom and when she arrived and found the mother-in-law seated at the front with the son, she pulled her out and told her to take the back seat,” Wanyonyi narrated.

He added that, “the elderly woman stepped out of the vehicle and changed her mind that she will leave the two to go alone so that she can prepare to go back to village in Kitale”

The gardener narrated that it took about two hours to convince the mother-in-law to board the vehicle but she had made up her mind to go back to the village while the daughter in law was busy listening to some music in the car.

“After the drama, the mother packed her things and left to the village promising never to visit Nairobi again, it was embarrassing for all of us because the young lady was unmoved”

So, men who should be sitting at the cockpit of your vehicle? Your wife, or your mother?


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