A dowry negotiation ceremony was called off last weekend in Kitale in a move that left the villagers in shock.

The man identified as Amos Kiptum is accountant in Nairobi while the girlfriend from graduated from local university in 2020.

According to witnesses, the man’s family made the decision after they discovered that the girl he was planning to marry had a huge tattoo on her thigh.

This was discovered after the man’s sister and the girl met in the bathroom and spotted the tattoo then reported to some relatives.

“The elders were not happy because after getting the information. Maybe it was good or bad luck because the man’s sister had gone to the washrooms where she spotted the brother’s girlfriend had a tattoo,” Alfred Byegon hired photographer said

“The negotiations had been concluded, the girls family were asking Sh500,000 as bride price but one of the elders shared the unexpected news,” the photographer added

With a tense environment, it said that the ceremony was called off and the man’s family left in huff.

Meanwhile the girl and man are said to have hopped into their can and returned to Nairobi promising to go ahead with plans for their wedding in August.

“we heard them saying the move to cancel the negotiations was old school, citing they will never come back to the village anytime soon, added another neighbour.


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