Uhuru fault Sonko, CSs for deceiving Gikomba traders

President Uhuru Kenyatta meeting Governors Mike Sonko and Ferdinand Waititu.

President Uhuru Kenyatta while addressing Small and Medium Enterprises Presidential Roundtable at Strathmore University slammed his cabinet secretaries and city governor Mike Sonko for failing development agenda.

He singled out the case of Gikomba market his government promised to rebuild after October 2017 fire and he gave directive but Sonko and CSs ignored his directive.

A seeming incensed Uhuru on October 17 read riot act on Sonko, Trade CS Peter Munya and Transport and Infrastructure CS James Macharia who were present.

Uhuru said he was baffled that reconstruction of Gikomba market that employs thousands of Kenyans had not kicked off, a year after he pledged to have it done and issued directive.

“The Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure is here. Governor Sonko is here. What does it take to start building a market? It’s been one year since the plans started” he said.

uhuru directive to have gikomba market rebuilt after October 2017 fire was ‘ignored’  

He admitted they have let down Kenyans, especially the majority in low-end strata and small businesses.

“I am sorry that we have not fulfilled our promises. Not even one of my CSs has set foot in Gikomba Market. We have neglected SMEs that pay taxes and employ 75 per cent of our people. This is not the way we should work. We have to change. We can’t continue putting on suits and entertain big business people in our offices yet we have no time for SMEs. We have to be honest with ourselves.” Stated Uhuru.

He further slammed Sonko for failing to put up proper drainage system at Gikomba market.


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