A chairman of Cart and trolley association in Nairobi has joined the race to become a Member of County Assembly.

Peter Njoroge, the self-styled man has been the chairmen of mkokoteni association for seven years.

And now, the handcart is his campaign podium that he moves from one place to another in his bid to clinch Nairobi central MCA’s seat.

The mkokoteni is branded with banners bearing photos of handcart pushers, boda boda riders, hawkers and shoe shiners with carefully worded messages.

“Diversity and equity, gender, women and youth, people living with disability, fair distribution of resources and opportunities for all,” one of the banners reads.

In an interview Njoroge who is graduate said the wording of his messaging is deliberate to resonate with the common person, who is his target audience and potential voters.

Unlike other aspirants, who ride on big cars, and run huge campaign caravans with huge speakers and rowdy singers, Mr Njoroge, who is running on independent ticket only carts his mkokoteni across the city.

An engineer by profession, Njoroge is the coordinator of Trolley and Hand Cart Pushers Association, a position he has held for many years after the company he used to work for closed down.

“In 2015, I was working as a plant engineer in a polythene company in Industrial Area. When the government started pushing for a ban on plastic use, the company fired many staff. Unfortunately, I was a victim,” he explains.

“I had risen to senior level, I had known some people who owned distribution shops in Kamukunji and other traders in the city centre. I knew that selling in bulk would require a delivery plan,” he said.

With the idea, Mr Njoroge bought five trolleys and approached a popular trader and convinced him to lease the trolleys for regular deliveries.

“I knew people who had invested in trolley and mkokoteni business and when I came in, some were facing rough time in the hands of Nairobi City County askaris,” he explained

For this reason, a group of handcart and trolley pushers tasked him with managing their trolleys, before he was elected the chairman.

And now, Mr Njoroge says the handcart is not only his symbol but if elected, he is planning to change the lives of cart pushers.


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