Alcohol lovers could soon enjoy miraa-flavoured whisky following recommendations and resolutions of the recent National Miraa Scientific Conference in Nairobi.

During the conference, hundreds of alcohol lovers flocked to the sampling area and in hours, litres of miraa whisky and wine had been consumed.

The conference was meant to discuss the latest scientific research on miraa, challenges facing the sector and ways to improve its quality.

A miraa researcher in the Ministry of Agriculture, said the reception of miraa flavoured whisky, wine and other products was overwhelming.

In their tent, several bottles of whisky were tabled with samplers given a tot of about five millilitres but before the end of the day, the tents had been closed to keep off alcohol lovers.

“The whisky has not been given a name yet but people loved the taste; it has 40 per cent alcoholic content and it is made of fermented miraa,” he said

At the moment, the whisky has not been released to the market because there is still debate on whether or not the plant is a harmful drug.

“Some men who have tasted it said they performed better in bed, because of that we will extend the research if the whiskey really boosts libido”, said the researcher.


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